Structural analysis

Structural Analysis Services

Technosolver performs structural analysis to confirm that the analysis target satisfies the design specifications and provide you with design proposals that meet the required specifications. Training for engineers to use NASTRAN, a general-purpose structural analysis software, is also provided upon request, incorporating actual problems.

Artificial Satellites and Space Development Equipment

-Verification of compliance with the required natural frequencies.
-Assurance of compliance with strength requirements of mechanical environmental condition of launch.
-Predictive analysis prior to environmental test of machinery.
-Creation of CLA models and ROM.
-Evaluation of mechanical environment of onboard satellite equipment and proposal of design to mitigate the effects of vibration and shock.
-Assessment of structural safety for crewed missions.


Aircraft, Railway Components, Communication Equipment, General Machinery

-When conducting vibration tests in accordance with standards, Technosolver predicts resonance frequencies in advance (natural vibration analysis) and strength of components under assumed test conditions (static load analysis and frequency response analysis).
-Technosolver evaluates natural frequencies, displacements, strength, and more of products under specified design conditions to confirm compliance with specifications.

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) Components

-Technosolver creates analysis models considering the laminated structure, including the number of layers and fiber orientation, and conduct structural analysis based on design conditions to assess compliance with specifications.
-Since CFRP strength varies with orientation and tension/compression, we perform strength assessments considering these factors.
-We suggest material selection, fiber orientation, and laminated structure to meet the required specifications.