Design, Manufacturing, and Testing

Space Development Equipment

Technosolver’s engineers, with extensive experience in the development of space-related equipment, provide support for design, manufacturing, assembly, and testing.

-Development of artificial satellite structures (AL honeycomb panels, CFRP honeycomb panels)
-Development of equipment for artificial satellite payloads (AL enclosures, CFRP enclosures)
-Development of deployable structures (solar cell paddles, deployable antennas, etc.)

Composite Materials

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) is commonly used when lightweight, high strength and stiffness are required. It needs, however, careful consideration of factors such as fiver orientation in design processes due to its anisotropic characteristics. In addition, CAE is indispensable for CFRP products to confirm that they achieve strength and stiffness requirements. Technosolver provides with comprehensive support for CFRP components from design to manufacturing responsibly.

Measurement and Structural Testing

Technosolver supports the development of structural testing techniques and data evaluation techniques for vibration tests, static load tests, and more. We can enhance product quality through testing, not only can we verify the validity of the design, but by analyzing and evaluating data in conjunction with structural analysis.

Test and Evaluation Items

Data acquisition and analysis of strain gauges, displacement sensors, acceleration sensors, etc., in vibration tests and static load tests.

Linkage between Tests and Analysis

-Verification and correlation of the natural vibration modes of the analytical model by actual measurement of vibration characteristics.
-Determination of the damping coefficients to reproduce vibration responses in the analysis mode.