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If you need to attach files to your email, please avoid using file extensions like .exe or .bat.

Structural Analysis Request Procedure

Feel free to contact us. Our staff will ask for the necessary information for consideration. For a quotation, the following information is required:

Quotation Request

Please Provide the Shape of the Object

In many analyses, the majority of the cost is in modeling, and the complexity of the shape and the number of parts affect the cost. It is not necessary to provide detailed dimensions at the quotation stage, so please provide information about the shape.

Required Data
Shape dimensions
Please send us dimensions showing the shape of the parts that need to create a model. Information about the material of each part and its constraint position is also required. If the shape can be discerned from photos, hand-drawn sketches, or drawings of similar items, we can provide a quotation, so please inquire.

For parts with minimal impact, modeling may not be necessary (or can be replaced with a simple shape, considering only mass). For example, electronic components and wiring on a board are considered only in terms of mass. We can also suggest the minimum number of components that need to be modeled to meet the problem.

Assembly Drawing
Please send us dimensions showing the assembled state. It is not required for analyzing individual parts.
If the outer shape, internal part arrangement, etc., can be discerned from photos, hand-drawn sketches, or drawings of similar items, we can provide a quotation, so please inquire. In that case, please also provide the number of parts and the approximate number of screws used.
About Drawings

We would appreciate it if you could attach CAD data to your email. If the data size is large, please let us know. Also, if you send CAD data, please send printed materials or drawings as PDFs or similar formats as well.
Please send 3D CAD data if available. We support many CAD formats such as Parasolid Solid Model Format (*.X_T), STEP, IGES, DXF, and other file extensions as listed below:

Recommended File Extensions .x_t .stp .step .igs .dxf
Supported File Extensions .sat .x_b .idi .stl .xmt_txt .mdl .model .exp .dlv .catp* .prt* .asm* .par .psm .pwd

Please Specify the Type of Analysis and Number of Cases

Type of Analysis

If you are unsure about the required type of analysis, please let us know your requirements and the problems you are facing. We will determine what type of structural analysis is needed and how detailed the modeling needs to be.


– To reduce weight.
– To know the deformation and stress when a load is applied to the structure or parts. / To reduce deformation and stress.
– The structure or part has been damaged / The vibration is severe.

Number of Analysis Cases

If you have more than one anticipated situation or load, please inform us of the number of cases.

If the number of cases has not been determined, we will provide the cost per case. If you have a large number of cases, please contact us for a lower cost per case.


– To see the effect of changing the number of screws for fixing points (changing constraints).
– Multiple load positions, load values, load directions, and temperature conditions (changing load conditions).


Please inform us of any other evaluation criteria you need. If you have specific areas that need detailed evaluation, please let us know in advance.


– To know relative displacements (changes in clearances, etc.).
– To know the strain and acceleration at specific positions to measure using strain gauges and accelerometers.
– To have detailed stress information about a specific part.

If you are using special materials, please contact us.


Based on the provided information, we will provide a quotation and delivery date.
If you have a desired delivery date, please inform us in advance.

Order & Procurement

Once you have agreed to the quotation, delivery date, etc., please contact us to place an order.
If you have not provided drawings or detailed conditions at the time of inquiry, please send them by the time of order.

Analysis Implementation

We will create models, perform analysis evaluations, and provide a report by the delivery date.
We can also flexibly accommodate adjustments in cases where the initial results are used to set the conditions for subsequent analysis, etc.