Structural analysis

Contracted structural analysis work

Technosolver performs structural analysis to confirm that the analysis target satisfies the design specifications and provide you with design proposals that meet the required specifications. Training for engineers to use NASTRAN, a general-purpose structural analysis software, is also provided upon request, incorporating actual problems.

Design, Manufacturing, and Testing

Our team of engineers, experienced in the development of space-related equipment, provides support for design, manufacturing, assembly, and testing.

Development of satellite structures (AL honeycomb panels, CFRP honeycomb panels)
Development of equipment onboard satellites (AL housing, CFRP housing)
Development of deployable structures (solar battery paddles, deployable antennas, etc.)

Analysis software

Software sales/license provision

We offer software sales for integrated strength evaluation tools, licenses for the flexible multi-body structural analysis program Origami/ETS, and support for customizing structural analysis tools.