A team of space development engineers,
Technosolver Corporation

Cooperation service for space developmentTechnosolver cooperates with you in designing, manufacturing, and testing space development equipment.

Developing satellites and onboard equipment for the International Space Station needs special methods of structural design and qualification which are unique to space development.

Experienced engineers and track record of development are important to manufacture, to assemble, and to conduct subsequent testing of space equipment which fulfills strict and tough mass constraints and withstand severe environment when launched.

Furthermore, structures such as antenna which is to be deployed in a vacuum after launch requires know-how and high levels of expertise to ensure reliable operation in an environment completely different from that on the Earth.

Technosolver’s service is based on experience in accomplishing numbers of orders for space development equipment to date.
We support you in thermal design, manufacturing and testing of structures, enclosures, and deployable structures of space development equipment.

Technosolver helps you save time for product development by reducing the repetition of
“design” → “prototype-building” → “evaluation”.

Would you like to try introducing structural analysis when designing machines and structures?

Structural analysis is a type of simulation or CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) that uses computer calculations to predict the deformation and strength of structures. Technosolver proposes you the introduction of structural analysis using the finite element method to streamline the work of design engineers in order that they can concentrate on works of more creativity.

You can choose from various services, such as introduction of structural analysis, technical consulting, and contracted analysis, according to your company’s needs.