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Integrator of Strength Evaluation Tool [IOSET]

IOSET evaluates strength of plate and solid elements based on the analysis results of NASTRAN, a general-purpose structural analysis software, and visualizes the results on Femap, a general-purpose pre-post software. It evaluates strength of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) laminates to material failure and local buckling of honeycomb panels using strength evaluation criteria widely accepted in the aerospace industry. It automatically calculates the strength considering the phase during excitation, which is necessary for frequency response analysis, and it also finds the worst value throughout all phases and frequencies.

Origami/ETS, a Flexible Multibody Structural Analysis Program

Origami/ETS is a mechanical analysis software developed by JAXA that handles non-linear elastic bodies. It allows for the simulation of behaviors such as the deployment of structures composed of flexible link mechanisms and cable networks, as seen in large deployable antennas installed on satellites.

Customization Support for Structural Analysis Tools

Technosolver proposes automation of analysis processes through customization, e.g. data exchanging between general-purpose pre-post processor Femap and spreadsheet software, and between Femap and text files.
We also develop tools to automate processing of your measurement data and other data.

Examples of developmen

-Tool to transfer necessary results of analysis from Femap to spreadsheet software, perform designated calculations, and then transfer the results back to Femap.
-Tool to create a least squares approximation plane based on the deformed shape of analysis results.

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